Randi West

  • Monday-Friday 12pm-2pm
  • Sunday 10am-4pm

Randi West has been in the music business for more than 20 years.  She has been on air for most of her career, but has also handled Music Duties, Promotions Director duties, and more during her career which has included stops in Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina and most recently Tampa. Delivering fun and interesting content to her listeners is incredibly important to Randi, but wants her listeners to feel like they are getting an inside look to her life as well as things meaningful to them. It’s like having a friend at work with you!

While being very committed to her community Randi has donated her time extensively for various charities including; The MS Society, Arthritis Foundation, Cancer Society, American Heart Association, The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and an ambassador for Good Will.

In her spare time Randi enjoys traveling, spending time with her husband and her pet family (dog and a cat), vacuuming (she is OCD) and enjoying the beautiful state of Florida.



Trying to lose weight from isolation
Some people have gained weight and some have lost weight (probably some of that is related to stress) so I thought it was a good opportunity to do a reset on how we are taking care of ourselves right now.  Great tips and small things you can do!

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