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Medical Fundraiser For Liver Disease


 Hi everyone, My daughter has end stage liver disease. She is going to require a transplant to live. The medical bills are overwhelming and she really needs help. If you can please donate! Judy Reitz

My Venmo account is @Genette-Shumate. I really appreciate you trying to help me. The bills are overwhelming.

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Family Medical Emergencies and Wedding


The fundraising is an attempt to assist my fiancé with her family situation.  The picture is a photo taken of my fiancé with her niece that she has been raising to help assist her family.  Our niece has truly our angel and we are blessed to have her in our lives!  My fiancé’s mother is a Type 2 diabetic amputee.  The medical bills have caused finances to escalate to the point that it is impossible to keep up as bills continue at a rapid speed and there is a fear of losing our home.

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To Settle Amanda’s Final Affairs

Go Fund Me 1

My childhood friend was diagnosed with cancer and lost her life after only 3 months. It spread from her ovaries / cervix into her brain. She was placed in hospice this week, and passed away last night. She has 3 children that are now going to be without their mother. If there’s ANYTHING that KVJ Nation could do to help, I would be so appreciative. I don’t know how Little Smiles works, completely, but they might need some love.

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Jarrod Baird’s Medical expenses and recovery

Jarrod Baird GoFund
I love you guys and have been listening since eight grade (I’m 28 now) you’ve helped me through my leukemia back in 2015 and I wanted to ask you guys to pray for my friend who lost his girlfriend and 18 month year old in a fire in Fort Pierce a few days ago. He is currently at the Miami trauma burn unit and I wanted to ask you guys to pray for him! He had to have cadaver skin on most of his body and will be in a medically induced coma for a few weeks. He doesn’t know he lost his child or girlfriend yet. I don’t normally ask for help but he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known.
Also, I’ve attached the story and the page for the go fund me. I just want positive thoughts. I love you guys so much! Thanks for always bringing joy to my day and helping me through everything!

Breast Cancer Fund

To help Christine and her continued medical expenses throughout her Breast Cancer Treatments.Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 4.16.54 PM

To Help Christine Ledbetter With Her Medical Bills


Help Mimi get the medical care she needs

Yesterday Mimi had a seizure and stopped breathing.  Something inside of me told me not to wait until the ambulance got there, I was afraid it was going to take too long.  I got in the car with her limp cold body, with 2 of my daughters and my son.  One of them was Mimi’s mommy.   We preformed cpr twice in the car and drove as fast as we could towards the hospital.  I prayed to GOD what I should do because I knew I was about to hit a lot of traffic.  Something inside told me to make a turn that was going away from the hospital.  I don’t know why I did it but GOD told me to.  Within moments I ran directly into the police that were in route looking for me.  They grabbed her and began CPR.  They made the decision in the moment to not wait one more moment and to put Mimi in the back of the police car and motorcade her and our family to Palms West Hospital while working on her in the back seat. If they had not made this decision I may have lost my little grand baby.  Right now she is in medically induced coma.  She has had many tests done and the machines are doing all the work for her.  This is going to be a long road and Mimi is going to need a lot of care.  Her mommy can not leave her side with all of the Covid 19 guidelines.  At home she has left behind Mimi’s twin sister Raina.  Raina has asked every 5 minutes where her mommy and Mimi are.  I have told her that mommy and Mimi are at the doctors making her all better!  Mimi will need a lot of medical care and mommy will not be able to do much from Mimi’s hospital room.  Please give what you can or pray for us if you can’t.  We are grateful either way.  Also our family will be indebted to those officers for life after saving our Mimi.  All we want to do is hear her little voice say “I love you Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop!


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Prosthetic Limb for 3 Year Old Daughter

Prost Arm 3 Yr Old

Hello everyone,  my daughter was born with the rare birth defect of Spina Bifida. She could only use one of her legs, and major surgeries are a reality for this beautiful little girl. Just a few days ago she had her most drastic surgery to date, and she had her leg amputated. Because she has a team of doctors that need to come together to perform a surgery like this, we had no choice but to do it this week, which also happens to be her 3rd birthday. For my daughter to get her best fighting chance at walking, we need to get her fitted into a prosthetic as soon as possible, which has not only exhausted all of our resources, but now we are beyond our limit in debt and need your help. If you can find it in your heart, and if you have the ability to, please donate to my daughter’s cause and help my family out. We all just desperately want the best for our children.



Prost Arm 3 Yr Old UPDATE


Saving Biscuit

Saving Biscuit

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We took Biscuit to the vet today after finding her suffering from diarrhea and vomiting. After some extensive testing, she was diagnosed with feline panleukopenia. To ensure she has the best fighting chance against the virus, the vet has recommended for her to be hospitalized for at least 3 days. So they can provide her with IV fluids, protein, and antibiotics. It has been very expensive for my family and I. My sisters and I have already wiped our small savings. And, without funds they will not continue to administer treatment to Biscuit. For those of you who know me, and to those of you who have no idea who I am. Biscuit is my best friend. Without her, I would be lost. If you find it in your heart to give, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you! Any amount helps and would mean the world to me.


Help the Power Family

Powell Family

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This Go Fund Me is for the Power family. They were involved in a very bad motor vehicle accident that injured Jeff and his daughter to the point that they both had to be airlifted to the closest trauma center. Jeff is the kind of guy that would do anything for anybody, and now his family needs our help! Please help if you can, there’s no such thing as a small donation! Also please share this Go Fund Me page so we can get this out there! Thank you all in advance!


Home Base: Veteran and Family Care w/ Sam Raine

I have been granted the amazing opportunity to run for charity in the 50th Annual NYC Marathon in support of Home Base. The cause is important to me as an Air Force veteran because of the unique mission of Home Base. The organization has treated over 27 thousand of our countries brave men and women, as well as their families, on the path to recovery from the invisible wounds of war: PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). Their holistic approach builds physical and mental resilience and helps facilitate a family approach to taking steps forward, in fact, they have a satellite recreation facility right here in Naples, Fl. As I type this in the midst of my 3rd year in medical school, I am further inspired by Home Base as they have trained over 74 thousand health providers, therapists, PTs, and first responders the nuances of military culture and how to better improve their everyday care for Veterans nation wide.

I currently have a digital fundraising platform that can be found at the following link: https://because.massgeneral.org/fundraiser/2753415



Drew Harris: Covid Survivor! Needs recovery help!


Please help Drew during his recovery process. 
Hi Everyone! Drew, our beloved son and a dear friend to many, has been battling Covid-19 since late March and has been hospitalized since April 1st, 2020. He has fought a good fight along with the wonderful staff at Advent Health Orlando and it is truly a miracle he is alive. He still has a long road to recovery.

In his battle against Covid-19, he has come close to losing his life against this
terrible virus. The virus has ravaged his lungs and his body several times over. His left lung has serious damage and it will be awhile before his lungs heal. He is going to need extensive recovery and rehabilitation therapy once he gets out of the

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Izabella’s Lyme Disease fight

Lyme Go Fund

Our story starts when Izabella (Bella) started showing signs of Lyme Disease in April of 2019. Now Lyme Disease is rare in Florida and it actually took until September of 2019 to be diagnosed. Last week (January  2020) she tested positive for a rare tick borne illness called Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever ( this is almost always fatal if not treated in time) We had 5 months of doctors misdiagnosing my now 13 year old daughter. It has been such a fight and emotional roller-coaster for our family, myself being a single mother with a very small support team, I am doing my best to maintain face for my 2 daughters. My youngest Abigail is in constant fear of losing Izabella.  Her current diagnosis is Chronic Mono, Acute Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Pats Disease. She has also had multiple infections.  Izabella has been through so much and she is a fighter. She suffers from horrible headaches, enlarged spleen and lymph nodes, joint pain, zero energy ( she would sleep for days at a time). Fast forward to now, we are in January of 2020, Izabella has a PICC line for antibiotics to help treat the Lyme. She is on multiple antibiotics and multiple specialist.  The closest specialist that will treat Izabella for her Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is over 200 miles away. I’m basically going broke driving her every single week to see the Lyme doctor plus all her other specialists. I am in need of help, so I’ve created a go fund me. If you can not donate that is fine just please keep my daughter in your prayers.

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The Amazing Terry needs a procedure to free him of a colostomy bag. He must get the procedure in 6 months, or will be stuck with the bag for life. The operation is going to cost between $60 and $70,000 and he doesn’t have insurance.

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Terry Williams


Housefire leaves Herbs family homeless

At 6pm on Friday March 6th, 2020 PBSO Detective Matt Ott’s mother-in-law, Veronica Herb’s home in unincorporated Boynton Beach was lost in a fire as a result of a faulty charger and battery in the garage. Unfortunately the situation is much worse… Veronica is the guardian of her two grandsons, Malaki (5 years old) and Sebastian (7 years old) who attend Franklin Academy. Their mother passed away in 2015 and Veronica took custody. This incredibly strong grandmother also cares for her 33 year old son, Josh, who is wheelchair bound with Cerebral Palsy and lived in the home with the grandchildren. To top it off, their car is not functioning.

Many of you that are receiving this request know Matt’s Wife, Becky Ott (Herb). She brings love, laughter and joy to all that know her and her family is just as charming and in desperate need of our help. Clothes, food, anything is appreciated.

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Fundraiser for Tara Lynne Krygsman severe car crash

Tara was involved in a serious car accident on Sunday, December 22, 2019 in which she was airlifted to St. Mary’s Medical Center and is currently in ICU. She sustained multiple injuries in which she was placed in a medically induced coma to keep her from experiencing all the pain. She has now undergone 3 surgeries, and has many more to go. Her most severe injuries she’s sustained was to her back affecting her spinal cord, but we will continue to pray for God to touch her and heal her. Tara is a single mother of 3 beautiful children, 2 girls ages 5 & 7 and a 12 yr old son. She will remain in the hospital for the next 2-3 months. Her children will not be able to see her for at least 3-4 weeks. Tara was the only income in her household and everyone who knows her knows how much her kids mean to her and know how hard she worked to make sure her kids were taken care of. I am asking for everyone’s help to raise money to be able to keep her household afloat and help Tara’s mom take care of the 3 beautiful babies and make sure they continue to have a roof over their heads, food on the table, and clothes on their backs. Every little bit helps. Your help and attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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Marty Miller’s Bike Accident- Family Fund

On the morning of September 30th, my friend and coach, Marty was riding his bike on 441 in  Palm Beach County training for the West Palm Beach Triathlon, to take place in October. Marty was struck by a car and dragged for some time.  The car’s  tire ran over his pelvis, crushing it.  He has broken ribs, a punctured bladder, fractured C7 and severe road rash.  He was air lifted to St. Mary’s hospital where he is undergoing the first round of surgeries.

Marty is an athlete – he competes in marathons, half marathons and triathlons.  He is also a PE teacher at Boca Raton Community Middle School and an avid football fan.  His wife Kelly and children Elizabeth and Colby are going to need support now more than ever.

For those of you that do not know Marty, just 3 short months ago, he donated a kidney to a total stranger who happened to live a couple of miles down the road.   He has been recuperating nicely from the kidney donation and was recently cleared to resume his triathlon training when the accident happened.

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Apoyemos a Karen

I’m Karen Mercedes Hernández Salas
I am 34 years old I live in Cabudare -Edo Lara – Venezuela
Married to Jose Antonio Salas
Mother of Mathias 5 years and Mateo 2 years

I have been presenting certain discomforts such as dizziness, fainting, severe headaches for 2 months,
why I have different exams and medical studies where finally on 01/29/2020
I was diagnosed with 3 Brain Aneurysms
Multiple Aneurysmatic Disease:
1. Large sacular aneurysm of right paraclinoid ICA
2. Small right ACM aneurysm
3. Calcified aneurysm of upper third of basilar artery.

I am currently stable and absolutely resting in my home.

My attending physician Dr. Norally Santeliz @noradoc told me to perform
a Micro-Surgery (right temporal frontal craniotomy),
Due to the delicate nature of my condition, I must undergo this intervention and time is a crucial factor due to the high risk of my state of health.

The surgical procedure merits special professionals, equipment and medical equipment of very high costs,
that because of our economic condition we are not able to pay them,
Therefore I appeal and appeal to your humanitarian sense and with my heart in my hand
I request any financial help that is within your reach to provide me.

We are millions of human beings on earth.
I invite you to be part of the 23,000 good souls who are bearing witness to the charity of the Lord in our lives.

“Those who are faithful can count on the generosity of the Lord, their benevolence will always guide them.” (Sirácida 11.17)


Thanks from my heart
If you need any additional information,
Do not stop writing to 23000xkaren@gmail.com

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Tragic Sudden Death of Husband/Father

 On November 26, 2019, tragedy struck the Magana family as we lost Luis Magana in a horrific automobile accident while he was coming home from work for the Thanksgiving holiday,

Luis was married to Ruby Magana and had two adorable children, Naomi and Javier 9 and 6 years old. Luis worked hard because he wanted his wife and children to have the best of everything. He was a loving husband and father and will surely be missed by his family and friends.

With all the emotional stress that death brings, it also brings financial burdens. We are trying to raise money for Ruby and her children to help wherever needed. We are thankful for any support you may be able to provide

El 26 de Noviembre, sucedio una tragedia para la familia Magana. Perdimos a Luis Magana en un accidente automovillistico cuando regresaba del trabajo para los dias de Accion de Gracias.

Luis estaba casado con Ruby Magana y tenia dos adorables ninos, Naomi y Javier de 9 y 6.  Luis trabajaba duro porque deceaba lo mejor para Ruby y sus ninos. Era un amoroso esposo y padre y seguramente se extranara por toda la familia y amigos.

Con todo el estres emocional que la muerte trae, tambien trae gastos financieros. Estamos tratando reunir fondos para Ruby y sus ninos para que le ayude en lo que sea necesario. De antemano se les agradece cualquier soporte que puedan aportar.

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Jessica and Adam’s IVF Fund

Thank you for taking the time to check out my fundraiser!  My name is Kristin and I am Jessica’s (favorite) cousin and have set up this Go Fund Me to financially assist her and Adam during their IVF process.

Jessica and Adam have a shared passion for working with special needs children and both work at University High School.  Adam is a High School Dean and wrestling coach and previously worked as a Behavior Specialist.   Jessica is a Job Coach, working with students with disabilities to develop their functional skills in order to prepare them for the workforce.  She previously was a Behavior Technician at an elementary school serving children with severe autism.

While they both find their careers extremely rewarding, they have decided to expand their own family. Jessica and Adam have been together for 6 years and knew from the start that pregnancy would be an issue due to some medical issues.  Adam has always been supportive and understanding that children of their own might not be in the cards, but as they look to their future they are hoping to change that.

So begins the IVF process. They met with fertility doctors and unfortunately, the only way to grow their family is through IVF – the most expensive form of fertility treatment and sadly, this is not covered by insurance.

The estimated total cost is $25,000. This includes the egg retrieval, the actual IVF procedure, embryo transfer, and all medications.

This is an exciting time of their lives and they are up for the challenge, but the cost of the treatment and lack of insurance coverage has put up a road block for them. Any and all donations are much appreciated if possible.  If that is not an option, simply sharing the page would be huge help as well! However you can help, thank you!

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Help a family stay together

This is the Ginty Family; Mathew, Leland and Katlyn (from left to right).
They both just lost their jobs and on top of it all, their landlord wants them out to renovate the property. Moving back in is not an option as the rent will be bumped up well beyond what they can afford and they would be homeless during the renovation process (which will take months!).
I’m a friend of their’s that they have so graciously helped out of a bad situation. I want to help in any way possible but I’m also not employed.
Anything helps, no matter how small!

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Dear KVJ Show,

 I am writing for a friend of mine that is battling cancer and lost his job recently. His 16 month old son on top of all this has been struggling with febrile seizures.  Good news is after a two year battle with lymphoma, he is going to pull through and is expected to enter remission soon.
Since he lost his job as a senior systems engineer he has worked for other places only for them to find out of his condition and they find a way to let him go or he discloses his condition initially and doesn’t get the job in the first place. It’s a catch 22.
The place he had been working hard at for 5 years didn’t even give him a reason and they let him go when his son had an episode, and was in the hospital. They told him to take a week to be with his son only to fire him over the phone on his way to work the next week.
He fell short of some Payments with his homeowner association and it has gotten turned over to an attorney. If he can’t pay the $2,500.00 fee by the end of this month /Thursday October 31st, he and his family will Lose their home as they will foreclose on it.
Please help in anyway possible as my friend and his family have been through so much and could use a break or an an early Christmas miracle.

Riley’s Support Squad

Hi friends & family, As some of you know, Riley has recently been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Results from Riley’s final pathology confirmed that she has an inoperable grade 4 bi-lateral anaplastic astrocytoma. Many people have asked what they can do to help. I have set up this donation account to help Meghan & Jack with medical expenses for Riley. Meghan is a special education teacher. Jack also works with students with Autism and is a high school football coach. Any extra money could help this incredible family.. Please keep Riley in your thoughts and prayers ❤️ Thank you.


Help Our Warrior Beat Breast Cancer

About a month ago, September 2019, Mom (Terry) was sent to complete a biopsy on a lump she had in her left breast. She didn’t think anything of it as a few years prior she had another procedure that resulted in her having cysts in her breasts. Once the biopsy was completed, we waited patiently for the results. On October 3, 2019, Mom was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. She will need immediate treatment which is to begin on October 14, 2019. They will be placing a port inside her chest on Tuesday October 8, 2019 which will administer the chemotherapy, following an appointment to meet her Oncologist on Wednesday October 9, 2019 to set forth her health plan.
As expected, medical bills are going to be astronomical as her insurance barely covers her medical needs. So far she has spent roughly $3,000.00 just for the biopsy and follow up appointments which was not covered by insurance. As the bills start coming in, I will be adjusting the amount of help needed. My dad, Louie, my sister, Kim and I will be rotating schedules to make her doctors appointments, follow ups and simply to be by her side during this difficult journey that is before us.
Mom is such an amazing person. She loves cleaning, reading, watching the ID channel and her IPAD. Her neighbors adore her and very often seek her advice. She adores her family, most importantly her grandsons Brandyn (15) and Shawn (9). The highlight to her daily routine is her dog, Brooklyn. Anyone who knows Terry, knows Brooklyn is her best friend. Some of her family members have dubbed her ‘Terry Tuna’ because at one point she had an obsession with Tuna and she offered a tuna sandwich to anyone who visited her but to my sister dad and I, she is mom, she is our sunshine on a rainy day, she is our mentor, she is our savior.
Losing our mother/wife/grandma/sister/daughter is not an option however, we  desperately need your help. Any amount donated helps.
Thank you so much! We appreciate all of our donors.

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We Lost Everything

Three years ago my family lost everything! Due to family illnesses and losing a 20 year long job, over the past three we lost our home, cars, furniture, and basically everything besides a few items of clothing. I have tried finding a job in my previous field to no avail and had to go back to school to start a new career. Now I am graduated and ready to start getting our life back. However, we need your help. Renting and house and furnishing it, in addition to buying the small yet expensive things you don’t think about like stocking a kitchen is simply too much. Unless we get help we may not ever be able to afford these “startup” costs. Right now we are all squeezed into one room with a small fridge and a hot plate to make what we can for the kids. Your kindness will be appreciated. May God bless you for reading my story and considering helping us.

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Bahamas Relief – DJ’s School Fund

Meet DJ
DJ and his mom Nelly are from Freeport, Bahamas . They rode out Dorian with their family by seeking shelter on the 2nd floor of their neighbors townhouse. Over 10 feet of storm surge destroyed the interior of their home. DJ and Nelly will be staying with us in Palm Beach County for the next several months as our community helps piece their family and home back together. And, Nelly is pregnant too!

Great News
DJ now has a Florida home address and qualifies for VPK. He has the opportunity to attend a Palm Beach County charter school M-F 7:30am-6pm. This is a huge opportunity for DJ to re-establish structure and continue with his education. DJ’s mom is 5 months pregnant and high-risk so she needs to be on bed rest to help the baby grow. This is a tremendous opportunity to make a lifelong impact on mom, baby and DJ!

Our Need
DJ’s monthly school tuition is $400. We are asking for your help to donate 6-months of school tuition and uniforms. All overflow will go directly to helping DJ’s family rebuild their life in Freeport.

Give and Share
We are grateful and thank you so much for participating in this very tangible opportunity to impact the lives and future of a sweet Bahamian evacuee family. Please consider giving if you’re able. Sharing this fundraiser is highly appreciated and welcomed!

DJ is ALL smiles 🙂

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6 Month Old Puppy Emergency Surgery

I am a college Senior at FAU. I have the most amazing puppy, Hank! Hank is my first dog ever. I rescued him from Tri-County animal shelter in boca raton in May. He is an amazing puppy, doesn’t chew things up, sleeps all night, etc. However, he doesn’t have the typical puppy energy. Recently he was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia in both elbows and is in need of surgery apap. His case is so extreme that he has fractured both elbows as well. We caught it early so surgery is an option to remove the ulna in both elbows. The surgery is only available for puppies who are still growing. After their growth plates close the surgery isn’t an option and permanent. The surgery is about $5,500 (I don’t have that). We want to give our boy the best life he can possibly have. He has done so much for us and we want to do the same for him. Please consider helping us out and saving our boy. Is there anything you guys can do to get our story out? 


Palm Beach Teachers Daughter Fighting Leukemia

An elementary teacher in palm beach county is dealing with extraordinary circumstances.  She is a single mom and her daughter is battling the last stage of leukemia.  Teachers have set up a page for her to help with medical expenses that insurance does not cover.  As a teacher her salary definitely doesn’t cover all the out of pocket medical expenses and the outcome is not looking well so we are trying to ensure she has enough for a funeral when needed. This teacher still comes to work everyday to be there for her students and make sure they are getting the best education possible.  The link to the page with the teacher’s story is below.  She is a very private person so she would like to keep her name secure but the page explains all she has been going through.

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Chris’ Motorcycle Accident

I was recently in a horrible motorcycle accident where I was hit and run over and dragged and trapped under the vehicle that hit me. I do not have medical insurance and the medical bills are astronomical and I fear I will not be able to afford the physical therapy and surgeries that I’ll need in the future still. Please and help is appreciated. Thank you

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A Hand Up For Melissa Marie

It’s really hard for me to come to this forum but here I am asking for a hand up anybody who knows me knows I will definitely pay it forward when I am able but as of right now I’m a mother of three 2 of my girls are working through college and my son is in high school I’m in need of help with the over whelming amount of bills pouring in as to so many Drs appointments and not being able to work full time like I’m used to since having major surgery in 2017 I have had numerous complications and now my insurance is not covering most of my prescriptions and a  MRI I have to have due to malabsorption my kidney isn’t functioning properly anything will help even just a share thanks everyone for your time

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Mia’s Fight With Epilepsy

A dear friend of mine, Mia,  passed away in April due to her long fight with Epilepsy. She was a wonderful person and someone I will always look up to and cherish, because of her positive outlook and her kind heart. I’ll forever be thankful for the time I got to be a part of her life and want to help her continue living on through a fundraiser she was passionate about, which is to raise funds for a cure for epilepsy.
In her memory her mother and brother started a fundraiser for her, the links are below:
Below is a post Mia made before her passing spreading awareness about epilepsy:

St. Baldrick’s Honored Kids

My name is John, I am 36 years old and have stage 3 brain cancer. I
have been fighting it for 9 years.
March 16th I will be a shavee for the St  Baldrick’s Foundation to
Cure Childhood Cancer. I am also representing a child from PSL and
will be getting my head shaved.
Please pass this along however possible to help me raise money for these kids.


Help a Family get a Place to Live

For the sake of privacy, we will not be revealing any names or too many details; only what is necessary. We hope you understand and still see the urgency of the situation.

Hi, my name is Deuselena Nandelstadt. I have recently become aware of a family friend who is in great need of a home. His two girls are sleeping in a tent in the backyard of a relative’s house and since work is hard to come across at this time in his particular field, saving money for a house isn’t necessarily realistic, and we want to get them in a place as soon as possible. One of his girls is in her last year of high school and is preparing to go to college, and the other has just started middle school.
They’re both going through very big transitions in their life and it’s important for them to have a stable home with some sense of security. They’re amazing girls. Their hard-working spirit has remained through so many financial hardships and deaths in the family. Before, there used to be a full household coming together to contribute to rent and bills, but now it’s only a father trying to provide for his daughters. Between paying off debts, funeral costs, and lack of work, the situation has truly become dire for this family.
This is where I, along with several other lovely people, have decided to step in. We have decided to start a GoFundMe in efforts to raise enough money to buy this family a trailer. A gift like this will give this family a safe place to study, eat, sleep, and call their own. Anything that you donate is dearly appreciated, and you have my gratitude for even taking the time to read our story. Please help us help this family. We want these girls to have every chance at success and a happy life-something that is so much easier to achieve with a place to call home.


Preparing for final expenses

This is for a friend of mine. Her father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, and at first he was getting better with medicine and chemo, and then he took a turn for the worst. He lost his battle last night. The family is devastated because it happened out of nowhere and they need help with medical expenses and final burial expenses. I was hoping you guys could post it on KVJ Cares for her so they can get a little bit of the help they need.


Greyson’s fight against leukemia

Today is Greyson’s 3rd birthday and the start of his chemo treatments. Last week we received the heartbreaking news that Greyson has leukemia. Please consider making a donation of any size so we can at least help relieve the financial stress that this illness has put on his parents.  We are all optimistic that Greyson will pull through this but he and his parents have a long road to go. #TeamGreyson


PBSO Officer- Jimmy Busa Killed In Car Accident

On Sunday night, on his way in to work a midnight shift as a PBSO 9-1-1 dispatcher, a young father lost his life in a car accident . He leaves behind his beautiful wife and 3 children 1,3, and 5.  He was only with us in PBSO for 3 short years, but he was family.  This man was the epitome of a true good man, one in a million.  He was all about his family, always praising his wife and children.  They were his world.  Now those poor babies will grow up without their amazing father who loved them so much, and a young wife has to bury the love of her life and father to her children.  If you could please spread the word of the fundraiser set up in his name, maybe some listeners would like to help out a family in need.  He served so many people of this county, saved countless lives, maybe they can find it in their hearts to give back to his family during this horribly tragic time.  All those nights, weekends, and holidays spent away from his loved ones to answer the calls of the people of this county in their time of crisis, it’s time to help during this family’s crisis.

Bruces Memorial Service

My father passed almost a month ago due to complications from lung cancer. He is survived by his widow Sarah, three children and three step children. Unfortunately, he (and he rest of us) we’re not prepared to see him go. He lived in Key West, where everything seems to cost more. I am asking for help to supplement his memorial. He will be cremated and put to rest in the Bay. Thank you to Sunset Sail for providing a boat ❤️. We still need help for the cremation as well has the gathering after we spread his ashes. Any and all help is extremely appreciated. Thank you all your help.


The Payton Family Recovery Fund

Holiday weekend turns to tragedy as they stood in the front yard and watched many years of memories, heirlooms, and hard work go up in flames.   The Payton had to watch as everything they owned burned into the night.   We thank God that everyone got out, and no one was injured.   But all of their belongings where lost to the fire.
Now this big family: Ryan & Tara (Mom & Dad), Chrys 13, Shay 9, Callie 4, Sean 1, Aunt Ally, and her 2 sons Tyler 10, and Eric 8, all displaced and in need.  This family needs a new place to live, new clothes, shoes, furniture, beds and sheets, dishes, food, water, you name it.  At this point every penny counts.  Please share what you can and keep them in your prayers.    Thank you in advance to everyone that can help.   Thank you being the hands and feet of God and Helping this family in a time of need.


Palm Beach Gardens 12U All-Stars

This past weekend, the Palm Beach Gardens 12U All-Star Team won the Cal Ripken Major-60 Southeast Regional Championship in Fredericksburg, VA. With this title, the team received an invitation to the Cal Ripken Major-60 World Series in Phenix City, AL.

On August 1st, our team travels to Alabama  to begin playing against teams from all across the United States and the World to battle for the title of Major-60 World Series Champions!
Please support our team. All funds raised will be used towards team  travel and tournament expenses. We appreciate all the help we can get from our community friends and family!


Special Needs Garden Project

I am a high school special education teacher.  I teach math, science, and health/PE.  I am hoping to create an indoor garden in my classroom for my very special students!  A garden can prove to be educational and fun for all subjects I teach.  Creating a classroom garden will provide my students with the opportunity to learn about various science topics such as the water cycle and plants, as well as healthy eating and responsibility.   A classroom garden will give my students a sense of pride and satisfaction when they watch a seed grow into a beautiful plant that can produce food!

Working at a Title I school means that many of my students face barriers to their success, regardless of a disability.  The money raised will be used towards the equipment necessary to create an indoor garden, such as grow lights and tools, as well as supplies needed to upkeep the garden’s plants.  This year long project will prove to be both engaging and educational!  Thank you for any contribution!


Getting Sarah to her family

My lovely fiancée moved to Florida from Michigan for me. And now we are having a baby! We have been saving our spare money to Rent a van and take a trip north after the baby is born during her maternity leave… but surprise surprise-babies are expensive! She’s also high risk so the doctors said our son will be here in 1-6 weeks (instead of 9). There’s no way we can raise money in time because we still need things for the baby. I had heard of this site and thought I’d give it a try and maybe surprise her!


Helping The Hendry Family

On July 3rd, J.R. and Brooke Hendry were traveling in their truck with their two young boys, Allan (12) and Tucker (11). Brooke was also pregnant with their 3rd child, a baby girl. Their vehicle was hit head-on by another vehicle. The reason being unclear. I’ve heard some say the woman hydroplaned and I’ve heard that she was turning around in the highway. Either way, the crash happened and it was devastating.
The woman that hit them was pronounced DOA. The Hendry’s were transported to Lee Memorial Hospital.
Brooke has since undergone multiple surgeries to repair broken bones. She has also lost her baby girl. Her husband, J.R., has lost an eye and also undergone multiple surgeries to repair his injuries, he has been placed in a medically induced coma. Their son Allan seems to be recovering well after the surgeries he had to repair his injuries. Unfortunately,  their 11 year-old son Tucker, was pronounced clinically brain dead yesterday. The doctors said he likely died on impact and felt no pain. I cannot imagine the pain and emptiness this family is feeling right now. They have lost their handsome, loving son as well as their beautiful baby girl they were so excited to meet. They have such a long and difficult road ahead. The last thing this family should be worried about is money for medical bills and funeral services. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this GoFundMe page with the awesome, kick-ass KVJ Nation and let’s get this family the financial help they are going to need. 

Justin’s Open Heart Surgery

Ok, so Justin is having a few set backs…his creatinine went up to 3.3 not good..hes had 3 blood transfusions but his hemoglobin keeps dropping and they don’t know why so they have called in blood specialists to try and figure out…his heart seems to be doing well but everything else just not catching up. Please keep him in your prayers and pray for his kidney transplant to keep on trucking with his ❤.

God bless and thank you so much❤



University of Florida student fighting unusual and potentially deadly battle

Life took an unexpected turn for the Gordon family.
“The easiest way to describe it is a nightmare that we can’t wake up from,” Todd Gordon, Brandon Gordon’s father, said.
22-year-old Brandon Gordon was diagnosed with NUT Midline Carcinoma, an extremely rare and aggressive cancer.
“There’s very few in the United States annually some figures are 40/50 annually I’ve seen upwards of 90 but a very unusual cancer diagnosis,”North Florida Regional Medical Center Director of Oncology Mary Piaza said.
Brandon, or as his peers call him “bear”, was a very active person, a soccer player who was just accepted to his dream school, The University of Florida.
“He’s such a big guy hes 6’4 someone gave him the nickname bear and it just stuck,” Todd Gordon said.
Brandon is also known for his kind heart and high spirit. His parents said he is one the kindest gentlest people you could ever meet.
“I think we did a great job with him. He takes a lot after his mother, very caring individual will do anything for anybody,” Gordon said.
Now Brandon is asking the community to do*something for him. His parents set up a GoFundMe page, to help Brandon in the battle of his life.
“We are staying positive, Brandon is staying positive,” Gordon said. “We have had outreach from thousands of people that we know and don’t even know… we’ve gotten prayers from all over the country and it’s just fantastic to know there are so many caring people out there,” he said.
Although the hospital has been his home for nearly 2 months, Brandon is working hard to regain his strength so he can continue his fight as an outpatient back in his home town in West Palm Beach.
His family said the support Brandon has received from hospital staff, friends and even strangers has been truly amazing.
“Comments people have made about him and the kind of person he is, as parents we’ve always known that but to hear people affirm that… it’s just been incredible,” Gordon said.
As Brandon gears up for his second round of Chemotherapy, his parents aren’t just asking for donations, they are asking for prayers for a miracle.
To donate, visit the GoFundMe page HERE. The family said any donation is helpful.

Help Keylin Fight Cancer

My name is Michael and I’m writing on Behalf of my brother’s best friend. He just found out his sister in law has stage three cancer, she got the news after giving birth and me and his family and friends are trying to raise money for her treatment. Below is the link for a go fund me. I would really appreciate if you guys can help spread the word on air please. And any donation would help and we would be grateful.

Sleeping Bags for Homeless Veterans

Dear Americans , I’m saddened that veterans are homeless in the richest nation on Earth. You served this country, risking your life for our freedoms, and seem to be so easily forgotten if we’re the “HOME OF THE BRAVE” why are our BRAVE HOMELESS? We don’t know them all but we owe them all.  I’m a Airforce veteran I have been given out sleeping bags for two years the need for them has grown now and I need your help to give my fellow veterans a little comfort thanks for your support
I’d love it if you took a moment to check out my GoFundMe campaign:https://www.gofundme.com/5akx7pc?pc=em_db_co2876_v1&rcid=b8c7baa1ffd447f8b668939a3141b7d7

Help Layne With Medical Bills

A 14-year-old girl burned over 95 percent of her body during a New Year’s Eve bonfire near Fort Pierce was set to undergo her latest surgery Monday while doctors expressed concern regarding the growing risk of infection
Layne Chesney remains in critical but stable condition at Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami-Dade County.
Layne has been in a medically induced coma since she was flown to the hospital following the fire and has already undergone several surgeries.
Layne burned every part of her body except the bottom of her feet.
Her blood is O+ and donations are being taken at all One Blood locations.
Layne plays shortstop on the varsity softball team at Lincoln Park Academy, where she is in ninth grade. She also plays on a travel softball team, the Jensen Beach Wildcats, which won a national championship this summer.


My son and his two heart surgeries

Hello my name is Sheila Fote and my son Travis is a commercial fisherman recently married and father to a beautiful baby girl Amelia Rose. My son has been going through some very difficult medical issues this past year Begining last January. I got a phone call from my daughter in law she tells me Travis is being rushed to the hospital with chest pains and doesn’t look good at all.  After arriving I saw my son and he was in terrible pain and his condition did not look good the doctors could not find what was wrong. Test after test were coming back with no answers. As they were drawing up his discharge papers the ER nurse kept at the doctors to look at him again. After a cardiologist ran another test he found that Travis had an aortic aneurysm had dissected and ruptured which warranted emergency surgery. After 7 hours and 3 very close calls the surgical team saved his life. He had a lengthy recovery time which basically ended his fishing season. After struggling through the summer working and getting his boat ready for this up coming season he found out he needed to go back in for yet another open heart surgery this time to replace his aortic valve.

John’s Child Attorney Fund

I typically don’t ask for help nor do I each out like this ever but, my girlfriend’s daughter is scared. Her father has done things to her that I rather keep out of this email. I want her to be safe and away from her. We are trying to get attorney for the up coming trial against him. I love this girl very much and she basically is my daughter. She wants nothing to do with him and is safe here. If we lose the trial we have to send her to her father for Christmas and three months out of the year. Please help us anyway possible. Here is the link:  https://www.gofundme.com/help-protect-my-child
Can you get this out to the kvj nation. I have listened to you since 99′ and love you guys to death. You have made my laugh when I had a bad day and can relate to a lot of things you talk about.
Thank you for your time,

Jessica’s Medical Fund

I am a thirty-seven year old mother of one incredible nine year old boy. His Father and I were not able to make our relationship work, however, we still live together. Before our son was born, we made a promise to each other that no matter what happened between us we would always strive to give our son 24/7 access to us both. In addition, Lenny (Father) is disabled and does not have the ability to financially support himself.
If I become ill to the point of not being able to work or if something happens to me, my whole family will fall apart. I cannot allow that to happen to my son, which is the only reason I am swallowing my pride and reaching out like this. Permanently repairing everything is going cost around $30,000. I am asking for $5,000 of that just to get the most dangerous part of the situation taken care of before it creates a more serious issue and to buy myself some more time to save for the rest.

I’m a local who attended Jupiter El, Jupiter Middle, and Jupiter High. I went on to receive my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Elementary Education to make a difference in the community I grew up in. I now teach Kindergarten at a Jupiter school and am in need of help during this challenging first year. I love my five-year-old kiddos, but they are full of energy and wiggles. I started a project on DonorsChoose to get some research-backed wobble chairs and fidget toys for my classroom. I am just $159 away from making a difference in my classroom. Can you help spread the word? I hate asking for money, but I’m in a bind and had nowhere else to turn.
Click here to view my project.
People can also give to my classroom for general use.
Thank you for your help!

I wanted to see if you could help a dear friend and his baby Lola. Lola has just been diagnosed with a fatal disease known as Krabbe Disease. Only 3 states in the US require testing for this rare but fatal disease at birth and if tested, baby Lola would have a different fate ahead of what is left of her precious life.

I volunteer with a group of friends to put on benefits for worthy causes or individuals. The production company is called STOKED SHOW FL. We get local bands to play for free to raise money for worthy causes.
Do you think you could help us get a venue and a few local bands (maybe even the Snack Pack?), to play a benefit to assist the Louter family in Lola’s treatment and also to bring awareness to this preventable disease? THE BIGGEST THING AT THIS POINT IS AWARENESS. This could have been prevented with a simple test!!!
We need our local community to come together for this in a big way!
Please do what you can to help baby Lola and help us to prevent future families from experiencing the affects of this preventable disease.
Below is a link to what I posted to our STOKED SHOW FLORIDA page. Scroll to the post from me Lauren Keller https://m.facebook.com/stokedshowfl

I teach children with autism at Connections Education Center and we are looking for support to purchase some bowling equipment.  Most children with autism need some practice before going out into the community.  We hope to purchase this equipment to use at the school and then go to a bowling alley to use our newly acquired skills.
If you would like to donate any denomination you can do so at:    https://www.donorschoose.org/project/bowling-for-autism/2173943/
Nicole Norris passed away on September 3, 2016 unexpectedly at the young age of 47 years old leaving behind a husband, 5 children (Vanessa 26, Rebecca 22, Daniel 21, Timothy 18 and Hannah 16) and 2 grandchildren (Jace 1 year and Kinsley 8 months). We do not have the answers however we do know that there are so many people in Florida who loved her. My dad did a service in Colorado but we know so many people in Florida could not attend. https://www.gofundme.com/nicolenorris

Pennies for Petruzzi

Hey, so my best friend just had his first day as a police officer yesterday. When he got home he was cooking dinner for his new wife and son and got burned by hot oil. He has 3rd degree burns all over the right side of his body and has to go to the burn unit at Jackson Memorial in Miami. His family could use some support right now as he will be out of work for at least a few months. Please help me help him and donate a couple dollars! Share the word, a brother in blue needs our help!http://mk2.gofund.me/29gq5md8?rcid=a4af9bb05dce11e6ae0bbc764e05b494

Anthony Nguyen
This is probably a long shot but my girlfriend’s father is very sick over in the Phillipines  and the Healthcare system over the is a lot different. We are both nurses at memorial regional down in holloywood. just trying to reach out to the kvj show and nation for any help. every little bit helps. thank you for your time. https://www.gofundme.com/2gujnmfh

Hey guys I listen every morning to you guys and I am asking for y’all to help me out.
I am currently homeless. I was working for a company for 13 years and was let go back in Feb/March. I had two months of money saved but after April my saving was depleted. I applied for more than 300 jobs. But everyone is only wanting to pay 8.50 to 9.50 hr and only 20/25 hrs week what adult can live with that. I got a job with Nabisco as a merchandiser it is $13 hr but also part time but once I prove myself I’m sure I will be able to get Full Time.This job requires me to drive to different grocery stores and without a car I will be unemployed again. So I can sleep in my car until i save the money for a deposit and move in cost of a place.  I have work hard all my life no government assistance often working two jobs to take care of my kids. I lost my rental home cause i couldn’t afford to pay I owe 2 months rent $1850 but good landlord didn’t file eviction on me just told me I needed to turn over the house.
The bank is trying to repo my car because i’m behind two payments and they don’t offer deferments or loan
modifications on auto loans. Thanks Community First Credit union… 👺I have been hiding out in my car cause when they take it I will be homeless with all my stuff.
I started a gofundme page. Please ask viewers to help. If i can get a hand up in life I will pay it forward in the near future. I am embarrassed to have to beg strangers for help but sometimes you need a stranger to help you. Also I am looking for a overnight second job if you know anyone hiring for overnight please let me know or have them contact me..
If people can give $1 or $5 it will ad up and help.

Mike T
My coworker has started a Go fund me page and he’s in dire need I wondering if y’all can share this and get word out see if we can help them out as always thank you for your support what you won’t do for your community in and close I have copied a link to the direct ago from the page thanks