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Zayn Malik brings his magical style to Zynga's new 'Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells' game

Courtesy Zynga

If you’ve ever wondered what house Zayn Malik would be in if he attended Hogwarts, wonder no more.

The former One Direction star and new dad has teamed with Zynga to bring some magical style to its new mobile game, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells.  He’s worked with the Zynga team to create customization elements that will be available in-game to all players in the new year.  If you want your avatar to have a shaved eyebrow, earring or beard like Zayn — or even eyes shaped like his — they’re coming soon.

Zayn has shared an image of his own avatar, which shows him sporting the red and gold colors of Gryffindor. What, you thought he’d choose Slytherin?  Please.

“I really enjoyed working with the Zynga team coming up with new elements to the avatar creator,” said Zayn in a statement. “I feel like seeing the animated version of myself in the game made it way more fun and with these new customizations that are coming soon, all players will have the opportunity to feel more connected to the game and make their character look more like themselves!”

Meanwhile, Zayn and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid are preparing for their first Christmas with their baby daughter, whose name they’ve declined to publicly reveal.  Fans have dubbed the infant “Baby Zigi.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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