Your First Mistake…..Posting The Incriminating Video On FACEBOOK!!

Oh for Pete’s sake…..even a 5 year old would know not to post vids of doing BAD stuff online and hope to get away with it!

Yet this Ohio couple didn’t…they’ve been charged with handing out laxative-laced cookies to a group of striking school employees.

According to police, Bo Cosens and Rachel Sharrock were annoyed by the noise made by the picket line, complaining about the noise on Facebook and even making a video showing laxatives being mixed into the cookie dough.  Come on dumb-dumbs.

None of the striking worker ate the tainted sugar cookies, but the duo were still charged with contaminating them and appeared in court on Tuesday.

Ever pull a laxative ‘prank’ in your younger days?  Were you dumb enough to record an incriminating video?