You'll never guess who ELSE puts those Easter eggs in Taylor Swift's videos

L-Todrick Hall R-Taylor Swift; TAS Rights Management

L-Todrick Hall R-Taylor Swift; TAS Rights Management

Taylor Swift's been building anticipation for her new album, Lover, for months via Easter eggs she's been leaving for fans on Instagram and in her videos.  But it turns out she's not the only one who's responsible for the Easter egg hunt.

Todrick Hall, who's appeared in Taylor's videos for "Look What You Made Me Do" and "You Need to Calm Down" tells ABC Radio that sometimes he's clueless about Taylor's video Easter eggs, but also admits, "I've been the person responsible for planting some of the Easter eggs in past videos."

"It's really fun to hide them in there and then see the fans find them," Todrick adds. "Her fans are so on it and they realize that everything she does is not just a musical masterpiece, but a scavenger hunt as well.  And I never tell anyone -- even my own mom -- because I didn't want to spoil the secret!"

Taylor also gave Todrick an executive producer credit on "You Need to Calm Down," which is up for seven MTV VMAs, even though that isn't something he asked for or even thought he deserved.

"I don't look at my relationship with Taylor as an opportunity," he explains, noting that it's "so surreal" that they're pals.

"It's not until I go to one of her concerts...that I realize how massive of a deal she is," he says.  "But she's so down-to-earth...that when you're hanging out with her, you forget that she is one of the biggest superstars on the planet."

Todrick will attend the VMAs with Taylor on August 26.  But on Tuesday, he starts a run in the hit Broadway musical Waitress, playing the role of Ogie through September 15.

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