Featured | Tracy St. George

Yep, I’ll Be Watching This 979 Times And Learning Every Dance Move!

For sure the most FUN Super Bowl Half Time show!  OMG I just loved it!  It wore me out and I almost didn’t catch the 2nd half of the game!  I think my mouth was open almost the whole time!

To me it was just plain fun!  I also didn’t think the stripper pole was that big of a deal.  And to tell you the truth, I didn’t even really see it as one. I saw it as another way for Jennifer Lopez to show off her talent as a dancer and show her athletic ability.  I know I couldn’t do the stuff she did!

Let’s talk EMME!  Oh my goodness!  It took me a second to realize that was her!  She is soooo cute and WOW!  What a way to make an entrance to the world – on the Half Time stage at the Super Bowl!

What did you think?