Wow! Janet Jackson Really DOESN’T Have A Nanny! Here’s Why!

Because she’s in “Controoooool, never gonna stop, get what I want, I’ve got to have a lot, now I’m all grown up!”

In a recent Australian interview, Janet Jackson reveals that she takes care of her 2-year-old son, Eissa, without a nanny.

When asked what is tougher, touring or being a mom, Jackson said that although both are hard, being a mom is “very tiring.”

Jackson says she chooses to take care of Eissa without a nanny because her mother and grandmother did it, “so why can’t I?”

The iconic singer says at some point when Eissa gets older she suspects she’ll need some help here or there but she enjoys being a hands-on mother.

If you could get help with your kids, would you? Or do you enjoy being hands-on?