Would You Wear “El Chapo” Gear? He’s Coming Out With A Clothing Line!

Who are you wearing?!  El Chapo!!

Yep, the 61 year-old Mexican Drug Lord and his 29 year-old wife Emma are getting into the clothing game and they ARE calling it “El Chapo”.
You can get it at ElChapoguzman.com   
His signature will be part of the logo on the clothing that includes jeans, tshirts, sombreros, shoes, jewelry, even liquor!
No word where the proceeds are going.  BUT did you know it’s normal for prisoners to make clothing while in jail including…..Victoria Secret lingerie!!!! 
Here is a shoe line I think you might want more…. Beyonce and Adidas!
Adidas announced yesterday they’ll be teaming up with Queen Bey for athletic, athleisure and footwear.  
Beyoncé will be a creative partner for the brand, develop new signature footwear and apparel, as well as re-launch Ivy Park with Adidas! 
We need this 90210 reboot BAD!  Actually, Tori Spelling needs it more than us!  
She is soooooo in debt, that there is a warrant out for her arrest!
She was supposed to be in court last week with City National Bank about her not paying back a $400,000 loan. (She’s out of the country right now working, so that’s why she didn’t go)
Her husband Dean McDermott could also be facing jail time for unpaid child support.