Would You Ditch Meat To Go To EVERY Beyonce and Jay Z Concert For The Rest Of Your Life?

How would you like to win tickets to see every Beyonce and Jay Z concert for the rest of your life?  The only catch – you have to become a vegan!

They have launched the Greenprint Project where if you commit to their diet plan, you could win!
You don’t have to go TOTALLY vegan, but you’re asked to try.  I entered…but I’m still going to eat meat.  Don’t tell her.
Ummmmmmm, is it REALLY a Fast & Furious movie if The Rock isn’t in it?  My vote is no!  He and Jason Statham will not be in Fast & Furious 9!
BUT….there will be a spin off called Hobbs and Shaw staring the duo that should be in theaters already this summer!  Idris Elba is in it!!!
You might remember all the drama between the guys, so maybe this is a good thing.  Tyrese was fighting with everyone, Vin Diesel and The Rockwere at odds.  But Dwayne did say – who knows for Fast & Furious 10!
More goings-ons with the Jolie-Pitt kids!  Kid #4 of the 6 doesn’t want to live with either of them!  Shiloh is said to be so sick of all the divorce nonsense that she wants to move in with her Grandparents in Springfield Missouri!!
Brad’s sister and and her kids live there too, so it would be fun cool cousin time!
Brad & Angie have been separated since 2014….this is waaaaaaaaay too long for a kid to deal with.  Will the others want to move too?