Work Send You Home? Here’s How To Make Extra Cash During Quarantine

Young woman watching her money being taken away for bills.

So a lot of people are loosing money due to Coronavirus, especially hourly/part timers. If your job sent you home and you can’t clock hours at work, I have a few tips on how to make money online. These are not gimmicks or spam things. These are things I actually do myself and have got paid for. You won’t exactly get rich, but every little bit helps.

Cash in on Class Action Lawsuits. When big products get sued by a ton of people, it goes class action. Recalls, false advertising, faulty or dangerous products ect. When it goes class action, anyone can get in on the money and most times you don’t need a receipt. Here are some of the sites I use: Top Class Actions, Class Action List,  Consumer Action, For The People, Class Action Rebates, Money Pantry, Class Action, and there are more out there as well. You get mailed checks when the suit closes.

Take Surveys & consumer & case studies. Take surveys online, on phone, web cam and in person as well.  There are quite a few but two I have participated in are Inspired Opinions, Focus Point,

These methods are also small money making side hustles for everyday, not just when you can’t clock hours. Good luck. I sure hope all of this passes soon. – Nikki