Work From Home Tips To Keep Online Meeting Professional


Working from home means no hair, makeup and underwear for some! That’s all good until it’s time for an online meeting with a bunch of other at home workers in their underwear.

1) Put your pants on! You never know when you’ll have to go to the other room and get something or lean this way and expose yourself. Also, keep it business casual from the wait up.

2) Privacy. Find a no noise room, a closet, something where there aren’t kids making noise, dogs barking ect.

3) Use reliable electronics. A strong internet connection, good headphones & be mindful of where your mic is located.

4) Keep one finger ready to hit the mute button! Assign a finger! Be ready to hit it the second you hear the dog.

5) If you are able to do an audio conference call applied to video, do it. Less complications and distractions.