‘Work From Home’ Permanent After Pandemic Says Some Companies


Office romances, group lunch outings and workplace gossip may soon be things of the past as a number of U.S. companies are making plans to let their employees continue working from home after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Companies in New York, California and Seattle are among the dozens of businesses that have chosen to let their brick-and-mortar leases expire. “We polled the team and, for the vast majority, they prefer to remain at home,” says Eric Best, CEO of California startup company SoundCommerce.

Other companies that have discovered the benefits of utilizing an at-home workforce include Facebook, Twitter, Box, Elevate and Okta — all of which have implemented permanent work-from-home programs in the past few months. “It was a little rough in the beginning, but now that we’ve cleaned up a lot of communication and collaboration, I actually think it’s better,” says Elevate CEO Robert Fly.

What are the downsides to having an at-home workforce? What are the downsides for the employees?