Wonder Why Someone Bought That Banana Art? The Buyers Let Us Know!

The couple who paid $120,000 for the duct-taped banana at Miami Beaches’ Art Basel tells why they decided to take such a big risk on such a simple work of art.

Billy and Beatrice Cox tell Page Six they were “acutely aware of the blatant absurdity of the fact that ‘Comedian’ is an otherwise inexpensive and perishable piece of produce and a couple of inches of duct tape.”

The Coxes say the debate over how art is viewed in society moved them to purchase the banana due to the possibility of it becoming an iconic piece.

“We see the piece as a unicorn of the art world, and bought it to ensure that it would be accessible to the public forever, to fuel debate and provoke thoughts and emotions in a public space in perpetuity,” said Billy.

The banana will be replaced every two days once it becomes ripe.

What do you think? Is the duct-taped banana just a duct-taped banana or a work of art?