Woman finds abandoned apartment behind her bathroom mirror


What looked like a potential scene out of a horror movie ended being a viral TikTok.

Samantha Hartsoe began the four-part saga on TikTok in which she explained there was a breeze coming from her bathroom despite in not having any vents.

After searching the bathroom, she discovered that the air was coming from behind her wall-mounted bathroom mirror.

When she pulled the mirror off the wall she noticed a giant hole and like any adventurous person, she decided to go in.

Armed with a hammer, Samantha discovered a vacant apartment with trash bags.

Hartsoe concluded the final TikTok explaining that she would be cementing her mirror onto the wall and calling her landlord.

The newly discovered apartment prompted mixed reactions from commenters, with some encouraging Hartsoe to use the space to her advantage, while others expressed their dismay over the idea of living in a home without realizing the existence of another entrance.

“As a New Yorker, my first thought was ‘wow, extra storage space,’” one person commented.

Another said: “Girl don’t say anything you just got a second apartment.”

However, someone else wrote: “The fact that the door was unlocked and there was a very recent brand water bottle instantly makes me think of a spying situation. That’s just my anxiety talking,” while another person suggested Hartsoe put a fine layer of flour on the floor to check back for footprints.

Only in New York, right?

You can watch the four-part saga here.