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Woman Busted after trying to Spend $1 Million Bill at Dollar General

While one might not expect a part-time cashier to be savvy enough to spot a counterfeit bill, one clerk at a Tennessee Dollar General had no problem identifying the funny money handed to her by a customer. It was a $1 million bill.

The incident happened on April 5th when the customer, later identified as 39-year-old Amanda McCormick, attempted to purchase several gift cards and other items using the printed money, police say. She told authorities she’d received the million dollars “in the mail from a church,” according to her arrest report. McCormick also said she was using the money to buy gifts for homeless people, officers say.

Surprisingly, charges have not been filed against McCormick — although the phony bill was confiscated and she’s been banned from Dollar General.

Why do you think charges weren’t filed? Have you ever been slipped a counterfeit bill?