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With new EP, Tate McRae realizes she's 'too young to be sad'

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Today, Tate McRae releases too young to be sad, a six-song EP that includes her breakout hit “you broke me first.”  The songs are largely about breakups, which Tate say inspired the project’s title.

“It was mostly an idea where I listened to my entire EP through and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is hella deep!'” she tells ABC Audio. “And it was like, all, you know, super-emotional, all about heartbreak, all about things that I was focusing on, super minor details.”

“And then I kind of was, like, ‘Why do I focus so much on this?’ I know I’m a songwriter, but I was like, ‘I can’t waste my years thinking about things this seriously.'”

As for “you broke me first,” Tate says she’s still trying to process its huge success: It started out slowly last spring on TikTok, and then grew into a huge smash.

“The song has lived such a long life, which is, like, crazy,” she laughs. “Apparently, I saw the other day, it’s been on the Billboard charts for, like, 200 days or 280 days, which is like really weird to think about.”

“I’m just honestly so grateful for all the support,” she adds. “Because the song was so small to me and just my little baby that…a lot of people didn’t believe in at first. And then seeing it take off was just a really cool thing to see.”

Next up for the Canadian star: a March 30 spot on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! and, eventually, a full-length album.

Tate says, “I think we’re going to start the process. I’ve been mapping it all out, putting mood boards together, and I’m really excited because I’ve been looking forward to writing an album for a super-long time.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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