Will the real Tom Cruise please stand up

It’s 2021 and we were kind of expecting that we would have flying cars by now but instead we have a type of AI technology called “deepfake. ” What?  After searching the internet for hours, the best way to describe is the combining “deep (computer ) learning”  and “fake.”  It’s an MIT Sloan describing “a specific kind of synthetic media where a person in an image or video is swapped with another person’s likeness.”

Personally, I prefer AI over flying vehicles because I don’t believe we’ve mastered the art of driving just yet, but AI has definitely taken on a dangerous life of it’s own. Especially on TikTok.



♬ original sound – Tom

This is not Tom Cruise. It’s actually a fan of Tom who is using the deepfake technology to appear as the actor on Tiktok. Of course, there are a few tells such as Tom Cruise is not that tall, the person’s voice is a tad bit off, and well Tom has aged a bit. Even with all of that, you have to admit it’s pretty close. All 322K of their followers think so too.


I love magic!

♬ original sound – Tom

Thankfully, this person has made it known that they are not the real Tom Cruise by adding ‘Deep’ to their name but the next person may not…

This will take catfishing to a whole other level.

…and has anyone asked Tom Cruise how he feels about this?