Will Drinking A Young Person's Blood Provide Anti-Aging Health Benefits?

“The Simpsons” proved this decades ago, when Springfield Nuclear Power Plant owner Montgomery Burns received a vital transfusion from Bart and was rejuvenated by his young blood. But could that happen in real life?
Turns out, possibly.
A recent study published in Nature claims that drinking the blood of a young person could have some anti-aging benefits. Now before you start chomping on the necks of 20-year-olds, keep in mind that drinking human blood is pretty much illegal in many places, and you can pick up a whole host of diseases.
And outside this theoretical study, you probably wouldn’t reap any benefits since the human body isn’t set up to consume blood, and even ingesting more than a few drops can cause nausea and a condition called hemochromatosis, which is an overload of iron.
What crazy claims have you heard about how to stay young?
What do you do to stave off aging?