Who's Ready to SCREAM With G-Star School Of The Arts At Their "X-Scream Halloween" Haunted House!?!?

I’ll tell you, I was not prepared for the creepy, the scary, and the talent of these students!  Take a little look into what it takes to put on the show!

14 years of terror. 14 years of mystery, murder and mayhem. X-Scream Halloween 14 is our most ambitious haunt to date!

This is the final weekend!

Join them for a journey into the world of dark fantasy. 2 exciting themed haunts, entertainment and more! 


Mafdet, the goddess of judgment, justice, and execution roams these halls in search of those who would disturb her master. She is believed to rip out the hearts of wrongdoers and will personally deliver them to the pharaoh’s feet in the same manner that a cat delivers her catch to her owners. Known as the “Avenger of the King”, Mafdet’s sharp claws are used in the execution of rebels and enemies by decapitation. Be careful not to lose YOUR head as you wander the tomb of the Pharaoh and, whatever you do, DO NOT disturb his treasures!

JOIN US IF YOU DARE! Get your tickets here!