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While social distancing in Denmark, Lukas Graham drops new song “Scars”

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Warner RecordsLukas Graham and his wife are social distancing at their home in Denmark right now, but they took the time out to shoot a lyric video for his new song, “Scars.”

The black-and-white clip, filmed by Lukas’ wife, shows him standing against a wall and delivering the song, which is about how everyone is dealing with their own pain.

“You’re not the only one who’s feeling broken/You’re not the only one who feels alone/You’re not the?only one who’s feeling hopeless/You’re not?the only one without a home,” Lukas sings. “We all got scars/we all get hurt sometimes.”

In a statement, Lukas says, “Scars come in many shapes and forms. The physical ones are often the easiest to deal with, while psychological scars, can be very hard to cope with because no one can see them so we have to actively share them. We need to talk about these things in order to heal.”  

On Twitter, he adds, “I hope this song brings you some hope during this difficult time.”

“Scars” is the first release from Lukas Graham since last year’s track, “Lie.”  And there’s more to come: As he notes on Twitter, “This year will be the year of almost unlimited musical releases.”

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