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While I like BBQ Sauce….Kim Kardashian Like To Dip Her Chicken Nuggets In Honey!

Kim Kardashian shocked fans when it was revealed that she eats chicken nuggets… and wait for it, honey!

McDonald’s shared celebrities’ favorite orders and Kardashian says honey is the ONLY way to eat chicken nuggets.

‘Delete this’, ‘You mean honey mustard right Kim? … please tell me its Honey Mustard’ said one fan while another asked, ‘Ew why?’

“I hate honey mustard,” Kim answered. One fan was excited to learn that they shared the same taste as the reality show star, ‘Omggg yes Kim!!!! I swear by honey and nuggets’ and ‘Holy s**t!! Kim is literally the second person on earth (besides me) that knows about the honey dipping!!!’

How do you eat your chicken nuggets?