What's Going On In Hollywood?! I'll Tell You! It's "Trending With Tracy" Time On CBS12!

She has a SHAWL VAULT!!!  I mean, we knew and know how much Stevie Nicks loves her shawl’s and loves to twirl…but a VAULT full!  WOW!

She told Rolling Stone she has cases stored – going back to 1975 in a climate controlled storage unit!
Stevie has given some away, but says there are 1000’s!  And if she writes a book, it will be called There’s Enough Shawls To Go Around.”
Sarah Jessica Parker….whatever she does, we love.  TV, Movies, Shoes, handbags, Clothing…now WINE!  
SJP has teamed up with a wine company from New Zealand called INVIVO to debut a Sauvignon Blanc and Rose this summer!  
I’m a Chardonnay girl, so hopefully she’ll do that next! 
She’s still working on a name for her wine line…My idea – New York State Of Wine!
And we had such AWESOME and heartbreaking news yesterday for 90210 fans.  
First we heard that 6 of the 8 originals have signed on to to a “re-boot” kind of of the show.  The premise is that the real actors including Jason Priestly, Ian Ziering, Tori Spelling, Andrea, David, Kelly are trying to get the show back on the air.  THAT is the show.  Sounds funny and they’re going to be playing themselves. 
Then we got the heartbreaking news about Luke Perry – aka Dylan McKay, he’s Archie’s Dad on Riverdale on The CW.…he had a massive stroke at his home yesterday.
According to TMZ, he was responsive when the paramedics got there, but his condition started deteriorating so they took him to the hospital.  Conflicting reports if he’s in a medically induced coma or not.  Either way….GET WELL LUKE!!