What You Can't Wear At An Ed Sheeran Concert!

All artists have a list of items that are banned from their concerts, but Ed Sheeran and his team are taking it the next step further.
Like most concerts, you can’t bring anything like weapons, air horns, posters, fireworks, etc to an Ed Sheeran show.
But you also have to watch what you wear.
Any promotional commercial, political or religious printed items won’t be allowed, as well as any statement or commercial objects or clothing made to seem associated with Sheeran and the tour.
Are artists becoming too strict on their concert attendees or is there a different reason?
Could this mean that Sheeran is in the process of recording the tour for a documentary? Sometimes artists will not allow certain types of clothing into shows because it saves on having to edit the material out or pay for copyright.
Would you be excited for a new Ed Sheeran tour documentary?