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What New Food Items Do Not Deserve The Hype They Are Getting?

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We asked our listeners what food trends they thought were overrated.  Here are some of the responses:


Buffalo cauliflower. it’s just a 10 cent cardboard tasting veggie drowned in a sauce that makes everything taste good. If buffalo sauce was put on a shoe, people would eat that too
– Arï

Cauliflower. Everything is made out of cauliflower now and it’s disgusting.
– Amanda

EVERYTHING being vegan! Nothing against vegan! But relax people it’s been around for years!
– Krystal

Vegetarian beef. It’s probably not really vegetarian and most likely tastes bad. I’m all for being vegetarian but when it comes to fast food I think you are going to be mislead. There’s other options that are meat free or don’t have animal byproducts.
– Jenneh Howlett

Avocado toast
– Lisa

Everything Avocado
– Jennifer

I’m a bit tired of wannabe fancy restaurants and their farm-to-table this and chef-driven that and food-forward cuisine and what else.
– Amanda

Charcuterie board, sorry Kevin
– Grant

Poutine! I like fries. I like gravy. I like cheese curds. I don’t mind food touching/mixing… but this is not worth the Hype at all #NoHype
– Shannon

Kombucha you can keep your fermented tea.
– Nicholas

Pumpkin spice. Everything. Period.
– Carolyn