What Does Easter Smell Like To You? Yankee Candle Has An Idea Or Two!

Yankee Candle has released two new limited-edition fragrances for Easter!  Do they smell like cannnnnnnnnnnnndy!??!?!?
Kind of! One flavor is a green candle called “Easter Basket” that has a fruity smell of lime, Brazilian orange and patchouli.
The other candle is pink and is called the “Rainbow Shake.” This candle has a whiff of pineapple, cinnamon, and almonds.
The candles will have your home smelling wonderful for 110 to 150 hours and are available for a limited time and so far the reviews have been favorable.
Do you like to have candles burning in your home? What’s your favorite candle scent?  I like anything that smells like vacation!  I like beachy, salty, coconuty and I also LOVE Christmas candles!!