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What connects Alicia Keys to Billie Eilish? Pandora's new "Endless Playlist"

Courtesy Pandora

A game of tag — but make it musical.

That’s the concept of Pandora’s new “Endless Playlist,” in which artists choose their favorite song, and then the artist who recorded that song chooses their favorite song.  Alicia Keys starts things off: Her choice is Maxwell’s 2001 cover of the Kate Bush song “This Woman’s Work.”

“I love this song so much. Crazy, crazy good memories,” Alicia says.  “It’s originally a Kate Bush song, and so, it’s so fire to me how he sang this all in falsetto, which you would expect from a woman, but for him, it was so unexpected and so beautiful.  And when I hear the song it just puts me in a zone.”

Maxwell then thanks Alicia for the pick, and reveals his: “You,” by Swedish singer/songwriter Snoh Aalegra. She thanks Maxwell, and then chooses the 2013 hit “Sweater Weather,” by the band The Neighbourhood.

Then, you hear Jesse Rutherford thanking Snoh and choosing “my future,” by Billie Eilish.

The playlist currently ends with Billie thanking Jesse, and then choosing her favorite track.

“Jesse, thank you so much. I love you, I admire you so much,” Billie says. “The Neighbourhood has been, like, my favorite band since I was like 11 or 12. I text Jesse every few months that he’s the best ever, so this means a lot to me.”

Billie then chooses the song “Cola,” by Arlo Parks, raving, “I love this song. It has such a groove to it and it makes me feel good and the lyrics are amazing and she deserves everything that the world can provide.”

Pandora listeners, both premium and ad-supported, can check out the playlist now.

By Andrea Dresdale
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