Well THAT’S Gonna Hurt When You Take It Off!

Going to weekend 2 of Coachella and still trying to figure out what to wear?! Don’t look in your closet, look in your kitchen junk drawer for the duct tape.

That’s right, the ladies that have gone to Coachella are rocking the duct designs of Joel Alvarez that became popular at Miami and LA Fashion weeks to the outdoor concert festival.

The design, which took Joel ten years to get right, is now one of the hottest looks and fans of the look are even booking their own personal taping sessions with Joel.

If you plan on rocking this look at your next festival, beware, the tape isn’t waterproof and comes off easily with water or heavy sweating.

Do you think you’d be bold enough to wear this look? What fashion look do you think will be the next trend?