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Watch Selena Gomez take on super-difficult ‘Friends’ trivia

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ABC/Image Group LABack in October, Charlie Puth kicked butt in a round of Friends trivia with none other than Courteney Cox asking him the questions.  Now, you can watch Charlie’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore” duet partner, Selena Gomez, take on some Friends trivia that’s even more difficult.

In a video for Interview magazine, Selena fields some super-hard questions, such as which one of Joey’s sisters Chandler made out with, what song Rachel sang at Barry and Mindy’s wedding, and the name of Joey’s Cabbage Patch Kid.

While Selena nails a bunch of them, including how many categories of towels Monica has — eleven — and the name of Joey’s stuffed penguin — Huggsy — she ultimately only scores an 18 out of 29.  She has a good excuse, though.

“All right, look, I’m not gonna lie,” Selena says. “I’ve been watching some Will & Grace lately so I’m pretty rusty.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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