Watch Katy Perry wipe out on roller skates while singing Whitney Houston

ABC/Eliza Morse

ABC/Eliza MorseKaty Perry is certainly having a good time during the American Idol audition rounds.

On her Instagram, the singer posted video of herself and fellow judge Luke Bryan zooming around the location where they're holding auditions on roller skates. In one video, Katy, decked out in silver sequins from head to toe, skates into the audition space, but when she gets to the American Idol logo on the floor, her skate catches the edge of it, and she wipes out, falling to her knees.

As Lionel Richie runs over to help her, Katy starts belting out Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody," but she sings, "Oh, I wanna skate with somebody/I wanna feel the heat."

In the other videos, she's more successful, and even manages to crouch down and skate with one foot stretched out in front of her...until she crashes into a bystander. Luke, meanwhile, is seen skating around with a foam piece of cheese on his head, which would seem to indicate that they're in Wisconsin.

"Welp, guess you’ll just have to tune back into @AmericanIdol next year to see if any of us kept our jobs," Katy captioned the videos.

The third season of ABC's American Idol will premiere at some point in 2020.

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