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Watch Jessia fall into a peach-filled wonderland in "I'm Not Pretty" video

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William Amarcand

“I’m Not Pretty,” Jessia‘s viral TikTok sensation-turned-radio hit, now has an official video.

In the clip, Jessia wakes up in bed and looks at her reflection in the shiny floor tiles, disappointed by her appearance. Then a floor tile opens up and she falls inside, sliding down a tunnel into a wonderland inspired by the Roald Dahl book James and the Giant Peach.  Cue Jessia and some pals eating peaches, throwing peaches and riding around in a huge peach being pulled skyward by a flock of birds.

“Filming the music video was such a surreal experience,” Jessia says in a statement. “I kept looking around set and asking myself, ‘Are all of these people here for me and my song? What? Am I really here right now?’ What a time. It was such a party on set! SUCH A BLAST!”

Jessia is currently working on new music with none other than Ryan Tedder, who reached out to her after he heard the song.  The results are “due out soon,” according to her label.

By Andrea Dresdale
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