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Watch Harry Styles & James Corden get super awkward in new Gucci “Beloved” campaign

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Terence Patrick/CBS via Getty Images

Harry Styles and James Corden are pals in real life, but now they’re co-starring in an ad for Gucci in which they’re so uncomfortable with each other that they’re barely capable of making small talk.

The film is the latest installment of Gucci’s Beloved campaign, which highlights the brand’s iconic handbags by having Corden play the host of the fictional Beloved Show, interviewing the stars who are part of the campaign, like Dakota Johnson, Serena Williams, Diane Keaton and Harry.

In the ad, Harry, wearing flared jeans, a floral blouse, a fur coat and Gucci’s Jackie 1961 shoulder bag, is interviewed by Corden, who teases that he’ll tell the audience a story about how he once discovered Harry one night “outside the back of that diner.”  “Don’t you dare,” Harry warns.  They go back and forth until both of them collapse into laughter.

Corden then goes to commercial, but teases that Harry, “the greatest friend you could ever wish to have,” will be sticking around.

The film then cuts to Harry and Corden, sitting backstage in the green room, watching a tape of the show.  Harry seems totally bored, while Corden is stiff and uncomfortable.  They sit in silence, until finally, Corden speaks.

“That was fun,” he says.

“Yeah, thanks, it was good,” replies Harry.

“What do you usually do after the show?” Harry asks.

“I’ll just head home,” James responds.

After more uncomfortable silence, Corden says, “What about you? Any plans?”

“No, no. I’ve got an early start,” Harry replies. 

They then both lapse into silence until someone comes to tell Harry his car is ready.  They both jump up eagerly, obviously relieved that the torture has ended, shake hands, and part ways.

Oh, if you’re interested, the Jackie 1961 bag costs $2,300.

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