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Watch Halsey and Kelsea Ballerini perform their new duet, “the other girl,” live

Jason Kempin/CMT

Jason Kempin/CMTHalsey teamed up with her pal, country star Kelsea Ballerini, to record “the other girl,” a duet for Kelsea’s new album. But you can also watch them perform it live, thanks to a video premiering their joint appearance on CMT Crossroads March 25.

“the other girl” is a classic cheating song with a twist, as Kelsea and Halsey trade verses about a man who’s two-timing them both, leaving them to wonder which one of them is “the other girl.”

During an Instagram Live album release party on Thursday night, Kelsea brought Halsey into the conversation, and the pair reflected on the song’s message of empowerment and female solidarity.

“People wanna pin it on the other girl and make it the other girl’s fault, so it was so cool, us coming together and being like, ‘You know what? Forget him. We’re not gonna hate each other,’” Halsey explained.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Kelsea described “the other girl” as “the country ‘The Boy Is Mine.'”

Their episode of CMT Crossroads — a show that pairs country artists with rock and pop stars — was recorded at Nashville’s outdoor Ascend Amphitheatre.  It airs Wednesday, March 25 at 10PM ET/PT on CMT.

Meanwhile, you can hear the studio recording on Kelsea’s new album, kelsea, which is out today.

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