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Watch Britney Spears' boyfriend scare the living daylights out of her

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It seems Britney Spears is dating a practical joker after her boyfriend Sam Asghari filmed himself sneaking up on the “Gimme More” singer and giving her a big scare.

In a video posted Monday, the personal trainer reveals he’s been bombarded with questions about his famous girlfriend, so he decided to give his followers what they want.

“So I’ve been getting a lot of questions from you guys, ‘Where’s Britney? Where is this? Where is that? Show us her,” Asghari, 26, explains his video as the Pink Panther theme song starts to play. “I’m going to show her to you but…shh.”

The trainer then quietly exits his room and sneaks down the stairs, leading to a foyer where Spears seems to be posing for a new photoshoot.

When he comes within range, he bellows “Waaaaassup!” — causing the Grammy winner to shriek loudly and stumble back in shock. “I don’t like that!” she yells.

The video then cuts out before fans could watch the aftermath, but it appears the pop princess took the joke in stride thanks to Asghari’s caption consisting of three crying laughing emojis.

This isn’t the first time the two have pranked each other and it appears that this video might actually be the personal trainer getting back at Spears.  

Last month, the “Toxic” singer claimed “The key to a happy relationship is to be annoying as hell” when uploading a video of herself sneaking up on a sunbathing Asghari and spinning a water bottle on his lips. 

So, now that he’s responded to her prank, it’s now Spears’ turn to plot her revenge.

By Andrea Dresdale
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