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Watch a shirtless Justin Bieber sub in for Drake in hilarious new video for "Popstar"

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Canadians: They’re always there for each other.

A hilarious new video for “Popstar” by DJ Khaled and Drake has arrived, but Justin Bieber is the star.  The beginning of the clip is a montage of videos that Khaled is sending Drake, begging him to make a video for “Popstar.”  A ticked-off Drake — who notes that he can’t even leave the country, let alone make a video — gets so tired of being harassed by Khaled that he decides to “call in a favor.”

That “favor” involves Drake calling fellow Canadian Justin and asking him to star in the video, which he does.  He lip-sync Drake’s lyrics while portraying a stereotypical pop star: He gets up at the crack of noon, steps over people passed out on the floor in his mansion, brags about his cars, hangs with hot women, parties poolside and makes a video — and he’s shirtless most of the time. 

Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, even makes a cameo, since he happens to be mentioned in the lyrics.

But after a few minutes of this debauchery, the music stops and we see Justin waking up in bed next to his wife, Hailey, telling her about the “crazy dream” he had about Drake asking him to be in a video.  The couple gets up and walks their dog, but then Justin’s phone rings: It’s Drake.

And…scene. Roll credits, with behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the video.

On Instagram, Drake posted a clip of the video and captioned it, “Thanks JB, I owe you one.”

Justin’s got a good track record with DJ Khaled collabos.  Together, the two made the #1 smash “I’m the One” and the top-five hit “No Brainer.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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