Wait A Minute…So Jamie Spears – Britney’s Dad – Is A Bad Guy!? That’s What K-Fed Says!

New changes to Britney Spears conservatorship may be on the horizon. Kevin Federline is expected to go to court to have Britney’s father, Jamie, taken off the conservatorship.

The move comes on the heels of reports that Jamie broke down a door and put his hands on Sean. Since then a temporary restraining order has been put in place to keep Jamie away from Sean and Jayden, something that hinders Britney’s relationship with her sons since Jamie is in control of Britney.

With sources saying Jamie is “the only one that can handle Britney,” it’s unclear how this could move forward unless Britney’s mother, Lynne makes a go at the conservatorship.

Britney and Lynne reunited briefly in Los Angeles after being estranged for a period of time. After a social media campaign surfaced calling for Britney’s conservatorship to end or Jamie to be removed, Lynne expressed that she may take a bigger role in the situation.

Do you think Jamie should be removed from the conservatorship? Should Britney remain in a conservatorship? If so, who should take over?