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VIRAL: The Fly Lady Cleaning Method


Spring cleaning time! It’s much easier if you maintain all year. Now this Fly Lady Method has been around for ages but recently went viral on TikTok.

You spend 15 mins a day and concentrate on one zone a day:

  • Zone 1: Clean entrance, front porch and dining room during the first week of the month, which may only be a few days.
  • Zone 2: Clean kitchen during the first full week of the month.
  • Zone 3: Main bathroom and one other room in the house (such as a child’s room, extra room, office, craft room or utility room) during the second full week of the month.
  • Zone 4: Master bedroom (including closets and bathroom) during the third full week of the month.
  • Zone 5: Living room is the fifth week of the month and usually lasts only a few days/rolls into zone 1 time frame.