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Vanessa Hudgens adorably freaks out over her gorgeous new tattoo

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua

ABC/Lorenzo BevilaquaAfter ending things with her longtime boyfriend earlier this year, Vanessa Hudgens is celebrating the single life by treating herself to a brand new beautiful new tattoo.

The High School Musical star unveiled her new ink in a sultry photo in honor of Thirsty Thursday.  “Divine feminine angel,” she playfully captioned.  “Not me…. my tat. But you can call me that, if you want to.”

The tattoo, which is to the lower right side of her ribs, is of a nude angel posing within a figure eight underneath a shining star.  

Vanessa also uploaded an adorable video of her seeing the completed ink for the first time. 

The 31-year-old excitedly sprints to the closest mirror and grins broadly the moment she lays her eyes on it.   After a series of amazed gasps, she jokingly lets out a satisfied groan as the tattoo artist gives her an enthusiastic thumbs up from behind.

The Divine feminine angel design was done by Dragon, a celebrity ink master based in New York City that specializes in hyper-realistic floral, animal, and portrait tattoos. 

This is the second tattoo Dragon has done for Hudgens, the first being a little flower on the far left side of her chest that was done earlier this year.

Dragon also created tattoos for High School Musical co-star Ashley Tisdale along with Joe Jonas, his wife Sophie Turner, and sister-in-law Danielle Jonas.

Hudgens dated actor Austin Butler for over eight years before ending things in January.

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