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UV Lights Being Installed In Some Public Transportation

Public transit in New York City announced a pilot program using ultraviolet light lamps to kill Covid-19 on buses and trains and at stations.

CNN reports: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said Tuesday night that it will use “150 dual-headed mobile devices” from Denver-based start-up PURO Lighting to determine the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the UVC light technology, the agency said in a press release.
UVC, which is one of three types of light on the UV spectrum, is proven to eliminate Covid-19 and is most potent against viruses and bacteria, PURO Lighting said. PURO noted that their lamps also have UVA and UVB as well for full spectrum disinfection.
Can we get these in more public places? Um hello, airplanes! Maybe a mini one for your purse to wand over anything you touch? Maybe a UV chip to be installed inside us to to kill germs? Kidding on the last one.