Ummmm, I Don't Think This Is Very Fair.

American children drink a lot of soda and it’s leading to all kinds of health issues say pediatricians, who are calling on lawmakers to institute new taxes to help kids kick the habit.  What the heck!?  
So raising the price is the answer? Not telling parents to stop buying it for their kids?  I’m an adult and I like to drink soda. Why am I being penalized with a higher price?
The American Academy of Pediatrics, along with the American Heart Association issued a joint statement on Monday, pointing out, “These sweetened drinks pose real — and preventable — risks to our children’s health, including tooth decay, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.”
While cities such as Berkeley, California, and Philadelphia have put taxes in place to curb sugar consumption, this is the first time the AAP asks for others to do the same.
“We need broad public policy solutions to reduce children’s access to cheap sugary drinks,” the statement adds.
Besides taxes, which other steps can be put in place to get people to cut back on sugar?  How about discipline?!