Featured | Tracy St. George

Twizzlers Vs. Red Vines!? It Was Quite The Debate Last Night Between Brad Pitt & Mario Lopez!

There was a bit of a debate at the Golden Globes and it didn’t have to do with who should’ve won or who had the best outfit on the red carpet.

Instead, it was about Twizzlers. Brad Pitt, who refused a shot from Mario Lopez, told Access Hollywood that he was excited about eating a bag of Twizzlers after the award show.

“I’m glad you like Twizzlers before Red Vines,” Lopez told Brad, “I will do one of these bags in a sitting,” Pitt said holding a 16oz bag of red cherry flavored Twizzlers.

“See, that’s how I judge an individual,” Lopez responded. “That’s one part of my criteria: If they go Red Vines over Twizzler, then I know they’ve got an issue. Right?” “Yeah, I question that myself,” Pitt added. “But, you know, different strokes…”

Which is your favorite? Twizzlers or Red Vines?  I am alllllllllll about Twizzlers!!!!!!