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Rick Astley… Never Gonna Give You Up! One of the greatest songs of all time   People use it to Rick-Roll all the time!  I still don’t get that, but I love it!
At Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival in August, an unusual duet happened….The Foo Fighters were playing and Rick Astley was there and invited on stage to do a duet of the 1987 classic!
They’ve done it about 4 times now and they’re always asked if they’d ever officially record it.  He says he might do it for charity!  So time will tell!
Getting celeb memorabilia is cool!  Getting mass murder memorabilia – WEIRD!
Zac from Ghost Adventures just got a whole bunch of stuff from Ted Bundy‘s infamous Volkswagen Beetle!
Apparently a detective who was working the case way back then had the stuff and sold it to Zac including – the ski mask and the red-handled ice pick, flash light, gloves, garbage bags.
But don’t worry, he didn’t buy these to do an recreations…they’re all going to his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. 
Remember the time Elton John wrote in his book about Sylvester Stallone wanting to fight Richard Gere for Princess Diana’s attention?  Someone asked him on Instagram if that was true…..
Sly says – nope, that’s “total BS for him to sell books!”
Elton’s book Me: Elton John seems to have alot of info about others, more so than himself. It’s in stores now.
So is the Prince book Beautiful Ones where he says he doesn’t like Katy Perry or Ed Sheeran music!
Prince wanted to write the biggest music book in the world, one that would serve as a how-to guide for creatives, a primer on African American entrepreneurship and “a handbook for the brilliant community,” He hoped the book would solve racism