Featured | Tracy St. George

Trending With Tracy on CBS 12 – January 10th 2020

There is another rift in a famous family right here in the USA!  Between the Richie’s – (Lionel and Nicole) and The Kardashians!
Word is daughter Sofia Richie who is dating Scott Disick – ex of Kourtney – hasn’t seen her family for months!  She drops everything when a Kardashian or a Jenner calls. Scott and Kris Jenner plan everything with no time for her Dad or Sister.
 When they broke up for a little bit last year, she went back to Scott when she realized she would lose her Keeping Up With The Kardashians contract and money.  She’s 21…he’s 36.

If a woman wears a dress twice in her lifetime in Hollywood, she’ll never hear the end of i!  But if a man wears the same tuxedo, would we even notice?

Joaquin Phoenix hopes we do. He has vowed to wear the same tuxedo for this whole award season.  He’s doing it to save the Earth.  From dry cleaning bills?   The tux was made by Stella McCartney and it’s to cut down on waste.
Maybe to cut down on his carbon footprint he’ll wear flip flops.

In a savagely British humor move…something has changed at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London!

They moved Prince Harry and Meghan Markel away from the rest of the Royal Family! 

I guess they wanted to stay true to life….they wanted to step away from their Royal Commitments, so they had the wax statues step away as well.