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JBird did a Pizza Blog in 2019. He went to pizza shops all over Palm Beach County. According to Jason “Pizza” Pennington, these are the top 5 pizza places you must try in 2020. These pizza places were the top 5 pizza places he visited in 2019. All pizza’s judged below were large cheese with extra sauce. JBird wanted to keep all pizzas the same so he could judge fairly. Again, this is just for Palm Beach County.

5. Uptown Pizza in Delray Beach.

NOTES: If this type of pizza was my girlfriend, we’d have quite a hot and heavy romance on our hands. Just so you pizza lovers know, I will drive a great distance just for a great tasting pizza! I drove to Delray on a recommendation from the comment section of my Instagram. It was worth the drive. I enjoyed the sauce and I enjoyed the crust! It’s a small place that knows how to make a pie. I’m a sucker for the sweet type of pizza sauce and let’s just they came through. The cheese was tasty and the crust made me feel like I was in Pizza Heaven.
PRICE: A large cheese pizza costs $12.95.

4.PLACE: City Pizza Italian Cuisine!

TYPE: Cheese extra sauce!
NOTES:  This is a pizza place I’ve been going to for the last 5 years. The pizza pies are big and that’s how I like it! The dough is the kind you could eat on it’s own. Loved the sauce. In fact, the sauce was the MVP! It’s great if you have a buzz! It’s where Producer Dennys and I always get our pizza if were are doing a KVJ Show event down at Rosemary Square (City Place). KVJ events like “Cocktails and Karaoke” go great with this pie! Highly recommend.
PRICE: Large Cheese $14.75

3. Downtown Pizza in Lake Worth.

TYPE: Cheese Pizza extra sauce.
NOTES: I had a large smile on my fat face eating this pie! I thought it was delicious. It was recommended to me by a friend. I drove 20 mins out of the way to try it. I’m so glad I did. The cheese and sauce is the star. It went down quick too. I found myslf eating more when I was very full. You want that kind of a trait in a pizza. The star of the pie was the sauce. Tangy yet sweet. It made me want to write a love song about pizza.
PRICE: 2 slices of cheese and drink $5.50

2.  Costello’s Trattoria (Downtown Abacoa)

TYPE: Cheese Pizza extra sauce.
NOTES: I really love this pizza. The crust was cooked to perfection. I did indeed lust for their crust. The cheese was of great quality. If their cheese was a human, I would befriend it. Their sauce is the kind I enjoy. Sweet…Sweet…Sweet!!! This place has been around for awhile. My only regret was that I didn’t frequent them earlier. If you go to the Abacoa Plaza in Jupiter, please give Costello’s a try. It had one of the best sauce to cheese ratio I’ve had in a long time. I do recommend this place with a full endorsement.
PRICE: Large cheese 13.99 

1. Camilli’s Pizza (In Lake Park)
TYPE: Cheese pizza extra sauce.
NOTES: This is my all time favorite pizza. Love the cheese, love the sauce, love the crust. This perfect score is well deserved. Best pizza of the year in my life. I grew up in Lake Park so this place in near and dear to my heart. I have yet to find a place anywhere that tastes like Camilli’s. It’s truly an original and that’s what I love the most about them.
PRICE: Large Cheese $12.50