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Top 10 KVJ Cuts From 2022!


Here are the Top 10 most downloaded KVJ Cuts from 2022!



10) Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader (03-09-22)

Is KVJ Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Kevin puts Virginia and Jason to the test!

9) Virginia Vs Jbird Directions Quiz (03-31-22)

Who is better at following driving instructions- Virginia or Jbird? Kevin puts them to the test in a round of “Directionally Challenged”!

8) Awkward Boss Moments (05-18-22)

We’ve all had em- What was your awkward boss interaction? Did any of them involve “The Shocker”?

7) Are Happy Endings Cheating? (08-05-22)

Could you argue that going to a massage parlor and getting a Happy Ending isn’t cheating? KVJ Discusses

6) KVJ Listens To The “This Is Paris Podcast” 18+ (06-10-22)

Wow! There are so many good Podcasts out there, but there are also so many bad ones… KVJ listens to some of Paris Hilton’s podcast and well- the audio speaks for itself

5) Speed Spelling Bee (08-18-22)

Who is the better Speed Speller- Virginia or Jbird? Kevin puts em to the test!

4) Two Truths and A Lie (08-31-22)

Can Kevin, Virginia and Dennys Fool Jbird and Suits in Two Truths and a Lie? (Black Cloud)

3) Do It Bitch- Drink Urine (05-03-22)

Losers Today Have To Drink Their Own Urine… Don’t Worry, We Bought A “Camping Straw” To Filter …

2) Did Miami Dolphin- Christian Wilkins Catfish KVJ? (04-01-22)

It’s been an on going storyline that Miami Dolphins Player- Christian Wilkins has been texting the show- even to the point where he said he would come in and hang out with KVJ… Well today is the day! Did KVJ Get Cat Fished By A Fake Celeb or Did Christian Wilkins Actually Come To The KVJ Studio?

1) Kevin’s DR Visit (01-10-22)

Kevin had a few things checked while at the Doctor recently but one thing had him worried- What was it?