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Too Funny Not To Share! A List Of Reasons Why Ellen Degeneres Is MEAN!

A comedian by the name of Kevin T. Porter hit a nerve the other day when he Tweeted that ELLEN DEGENERES is, quote, “notoriously one of the meanest people alive.”

Then he asked people to send him stories about how mean she really is, and promised to donate $2 to the L.A. Food Bank for each one.  Well, he got TONS.  Here are some of the things people CLAIMED about Ellen:

1.  She fired her head writer and never spoke to her again, because she refused to cross the picket line during a writer’s strike.

2.  She once complained to a restaurant owner because her server had chipped nail polish.  The woman almost got fired.

3.  She once threw a plate of salmon in a waiter’s face because it wasn’t what she ordered.

4.  She has a “sensitive nose,” so everyone has to chew gum from a bowl outside her office before speaking to her.  And if she thinks you smell, she’ll send you home.

5.  She fired a slightly autistic custodian because he, quote, “forgot he wasn’t allowed to look at or speak to her, and he loved greeting everyone.”

6.  She adopts really cute kittens and puppies but as they get older she’ll get tired of them and force friends, family or staff to adopt them.

Now, there’s no way of knowing if any of these stories are true, and even Porter acknowledged that.  He said, quote, “Well this got out of hand!  It’s now hard to tell which stories are real or not, so I’ve rounded up to 300 and donated $600!”

Ellen hasn’t directly responded to this, but she did post some videos of herself putting Legos together while wearing a shirt that said, “Staff”.  (Check ’em out herehere, and here.)

Also, Ellen responded to similar rumors in 2018, saying, quote, “That bugs me if someone is saying that because it’s an outright lie.

“The first day I said: ‘The one thing I want is everyone here to be happy and proud of where they work, and if not, don’t work here.’  No one is going to raise their voice or not be grateful.  That’s the rule to this day.”