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Tom Hanks Says ‘Shame On You’ & Has ‘No Respect’ For People Not Wearing Masks

Tom Hanks & wife Rita Wilson tested positive for coronavirus while filming in Australia in March. In an interview with the Associated Press, he  expressed his fury with those refusing to wear face coverings in public.

“I don’t get it, I simply do not get it, it is literally the least you can do. If anybody wants to build up an argument about doing the least they can do, I wouldn’t trust them with a driver’s licence,” he stated. “I mean, when you drive a car, you’ve got to obey speed limits, you’ve got to use your turn signals (indicators), you’ve got to avoid hitting pedestrians. If you can’t do those three things, you shouldn’t be driving a car.

“If you can’t wear a mask and wash your hands and social distance, I’ve got no respect for you, man. I don’t buy your argument.”

A resurgence in the spread of the virus in the U.S. has put plans to open cinemas in several states on hold – and Hanks is sad his new movie Greyhound will not play in theatres.

“We are all heartbroken that this movie is not playing in cinemas,” he told Agence France Presse. “But with that removed as a possibility, we were left with this as a reality.”

Greyhound, also written by Hanks, will debut on streaming service Apple TV+ on Friday.