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Today is the day Ava Max finally gives us 'Hell'…and 'Heaven,' too

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Ava Max‘s breakthrough single “Sweet But Psycho” came out waaay back in 2018, but we’re only now getting her debut album Heaven & Hell today.  The singer admits that the project’s “been a long time coming,” and promises “a lot of surprises.”

“Every song in the album is just a little bit different, it is all pop, but…I personally didn’t want the album to be exactly the same, you know?” Ava tells ABC Audio.

“It’s cohesive for sure, but I didn’t want every song to be like the next,” she notes. “So there are a lot of surprises on the album, and I can’t wait to release it, I mean, it’s been a long time coming. We’ve been working on it for two, three years.”

The album, Heaven & Hell, features a “Heaven” side and a “Hell” side.  Among the songs are the current single “Kings & Queens,” as well as the previous singles “Sweet But Psycho,” “Salt,” “Torn,” and a couple of tracks she’s just released in the last few weeks.

While Ava’s thrilled to finally release the project, she’s sorry that she can’t hit the road to promote it.

“I do miss traveling and meeting my fans, so once that can happen again, I’m going to be really excited to hold my fans!” she gushes, noting that if the COVID-19 pandemic hadn’t happened, “I probably would have been in Europe and Australia, probably around America, just traveling, doing shows.”

“We had a lot of shows planned, so…maybe next year.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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