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Tiffany on Billie Joe’s version of “I Think We’re Alone Now” & connecting with fans amid COVID-19

Harmony Gerber/Getty Images

Harmony Gerber/Getty ImagesAs part of his No Fun Mondays series of cover songs, Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong has released a hit cover of the ’60s pop song “I Think We’re Alone Now.”  ’80s pop star Tiffany, whose cover of the song hit #1 in 1987, tells ABC Audio she approves of Billie Joe’s rocking take on the track — because she released a new rock version of the song just last year. 

“I’ve been doing it in the show for a while,” she explains. “So I love his version…it’s a great song. It’s found so many different homes. So, yeah, kudos to Billie, I really love it.”

But in this time of self-isolation, the song has a new meaning for fans, Tiffany notes.

“The theme has been, truthfully, like, ‘Hey, little shout-out to this person because I’m alone,'” she says. “There are people out there that do need a little pick-me-up…so I’ve been reaching out to my fans.”

Like Green Day, Tiffany’s had to postpone her planned tour due to COVID-19, so she’s released a new acoustic EP, Pieces of Me: Unplugged, and turned her passion for cooking into Let’s Food with Tiffany, an online cooking club. 

“It makes total sense: Everybody’s home right now,” she says.  “You have a chance to come into my personal space. It’s a different experience than music: You’re just getting me, being goofy in the kitchen…and we’re making great food.”

It’s been so popular that she plans to continue it when she starts doing shows again — and these days, they’re a lot more rocking.

“With all the fan support…I’ve grown into this, y’know, musician!” she laughs. “Y’know, I’m still Tiffany…just a little bit more sassy, with a little bit more guitars and a little more edge.”

By Andrea Dresdale, ABC News

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