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"This is my new single": Lady Gaga shares cheesy voting sing-a-long

Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Oprah

Lady Gaga is so passionate about voting that she’s willing to use her Oscar and Grammy-winning musical skills to make herself look ridiculous in support of the cause.

Gaga has posted a video on her socials which she jokes is “my new single.”  Introducing herself as “Stefani Germanotta, otherwise known as Lady Gaga” — as if we didn’t know that — she announces that she’s written a “sing-a-long” about voting.

She then plinks out a tune on the piano promoting the website, while singing, “Do you know to vote? I know a place you can go/It’s called’ll help you register, inform you how to vote/ they’ll tell you where to go/I know some of you still don’t go.”

Gaga continues singing about how you need to bring your driver’s license, name and birth date, the last four number of your Social Security number and your home address.  Yes, she actually has set all that to music, and it rhymes as well.

She ends by singing, “I know this is cheesy/but is easy. Click here!”

“Don’t give up…it’s important your voice is heard!” Gaga captioned the video.

By Andrea Dresdale
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