This Can't Be True! Retail Therapy Can Hurt Your Mental Health More Than Help It.

I’m having a hard time breathing….this simply can’t be true.  Why do I always feel so good when I’m walking around with numerous bags?  Filling my truck with retail goodness?!  Are you telling me my cousins and I should NOT have bought these fantastically Nanny Fine tribute outfits?!
Shopping to get out of a funk or satisfy an addictive urge is quite widespread. According to a 2007 paper in journal World Psychiatry, compulsive buying disorder affected 5.8 percent of the US-based respondents surveyed by researchers, equating to nearly 19 million people if applied to the whole country. A 2013 HuffPost survey found that one in three Americans goes shopping to alleviate stress.
This makes me want to cry and go out shopping!  Read more here!